About My DVD

The Naam Yoga Therapies for Happiness DVD is inspired by my own experiences of healing depression with the help of Naam Yoga.

I suffered from depression for many years and tried different methods of recovery with limited success. Then I found Naam Yoga and it changed my life! Through techniques like breath work, mudras (hand positions), therapeutic music and meditation, Naam Yoga made me realize that only I can heal myself. It also provided me with the vital tools needed to achieve permanent healing. Thanks to Naam Yoga, I felt so much better, that when the International Headquarters - Naam Yoga LA - opened up in Santa Monica, CA, I left NYC and the modeling agency I was working with and moved to California to study and teach Naam Yoga at the Center.

I am forever grateful for this gift of healing, and it is my great joy to have an opportunity to share it with anyone who is looking for the permanent cure from depression and anxiety.

Naam Yoga Therapies for Happiness DVD program is designed to help promote natural healing of the mood and emotional disorders though holistic methods such as breath work,vibrational sound therapy, healing hands positions that work on opening energy meridians in the body, and through mantra meditations. This program will open your heart to self-love and compassion that is needed to be a truly happy, healthy and abundant human being.

Little About Me

Elena Vasilenka is a dedicated and dynamic Naam Yoga® teacher, Harmonyum® Healing practitioner and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach. She lives and teaches Naam Yoga in sunny Santa Monica, CA.


What people are saying..

  • Dear Elena,

    I love your DVD! It is good to have these short sequences, so there is no excuse to miss my daily practice! And please let me know, if you're making another one - I would buy it for sure!!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the best for you! "

    -Evelyne Mohr Switzerland

  • "This video is the best antidote against unhappiness! Take an amazing, seven-day journey, allowing Elena's soothing voice and inner peace to guide you through these powerful and fun meditations. Unleash your own power, radiance and joy with the sophisticated science of Naam Yoga, beautifully explained by a fantastic teacher. Let your light shine and smile!"

    -Maria Machenaud , M.D.

  • "Elena's Naam Yoga video is a therapeutic mix of healing sound, uplifting mantras and transformational movements. Her clear and detailed demonstrations allow practitioners at any level of experience to open their heart to joy and happiness."

    -Denise Brathwaite, M.D.

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